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Join the Kernow Crew

Bookings Now Open!

It takes a whole team to build a Jamboree. Do you have skills that could make Kernow 2022 the best Kernow Jamboree yet? Fancy joining the team?

As a member of our Kernow Crew, you will get:
  • Full catering while you’re with us
  • Kernow Crew t-shirt and Jamboree Scarf
  • Evening entertainment
  • Activity Programme
  • Access to our on-site licensed bar
  • Exclusive Kernow Crew Party

For Kernow Crew members the jamboree starts on Friday 29th July and ends on Sunday 7th August 2022.

Roles we are looking to fill

We will be advertising the roles we need to fill here. If you have a specific skill that can be put to use at the jamboree we would love to hear from you direct. Send an email to [email protected]

Build team

A jamboree doesn’t just appear, it takes a dedicated team of people to prepare and build the site, ready to receive participants. If you can join us from 25th July, please let us know. There is no fee for being part of the build team, and you’ll be fed and watered.

Take down team

We also need people willing to help pack the jamboree away back in to storage for the next one. If you can be with us from 7th August please let us know. There is no fee for being part of the take down team, and you’ll be fed and watered.

Info centre team member

The info centre is going to be the go-to place during the jamboree for help and advice. It’s also going to offer onsite services such as mobile phone charging, lost property, delivery collection point and be the admin centre for the jamboree.  We’re looking for people who have good customer service skills, are organised, able to think on their feet and who can work in a face paced environment.

Sub camp team

Sub camps are the participants and leaders’ home for the jamboree They are the first port all call once on site. Can you problem-solve on the spot? Can you entertain at the drop of a hat? Are you willing to go above and beyond to make sure everyone has the best experience ever? If so, we’d love to have you on the Sub camp team

Media and photography

We’re after people with the skills and equipment to capture the jamboree in action. If you have an eye for a good picture or a dab hand with a video recorder there could be a role for you at Kernow 2022. We also looking for people who enjoy and have experience working with external media channels to get the word out far and wide. There are opportunities to join the kernow Crew now, in the lead up to the jamboree, as well as during it.

Activities Crew member

We will need to build a big team of people to help run all the activity zones. If this is a team you would like to be part of during the jamboree, we’d love to hear from you.

Entertainment Crew member

Do you have a creative side, are you a budding DJ, can you throw a good party. This could be the team for you.

Retail Crew member

There will be a number of outlets, including merchandise, general sales and food outlets that need staff. Many of these are in the main hub area so you will be right in the heart of the jamboree. Let us know if you’d like to join this team.

Catering Crew member

An army marches on its stomach. If you have experience of working in a catering environment let us know.

Site Services (SCRAGS)

The unsung heroes of a jamboree, this team do everything from moving a tent, collecting rubbish, cleaning toilets to sampling the cakes in café. Many hands make light work.