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Thanks for taking the time to look through our site. Unfortunately, we don’t have masses of information for you at the moment – but once we start to release information, it’ll come thick and fast!

This page will soon be full of resources, answers to your questions, and whatever we can do to help you bring your group to the jamboree.


The letter to parents is for you to send out to prospective Kernow parents – just download it, edit the parts in red, and send it as a PDF to them to invite their young people to Kernow 2025!


The fee to attend Kernow Jamboree are as follows:

Participant – £275

Leader – £60

Junior (6-10yrs) – £60.00

Infant (0-6yrs) – £20.00

Participant and leader bookings are uncatered – you will need to shop for, prepare, and cook your own food for the week.

Where can I find information about Kernow?

Take a look through our digital handbook – if you can’t find what you were looking for, drop us a message via Facebook or email [email protected].

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