Safety and Compliance lead

About the role

We’re in need of a safety and compliance lead – somebody to ensure that the Jamboree runs smoothly; to make sure that everybody on-site can be there safely.

You’ll be working under the core management team, working closely with the safety and security, site, programme and subcamp teams, where you’ll be asked to advise on risks, to help write and implement risk assessments and to review compliance while the Jamboree is happening.

You should have a reasonable knowledge of the Scouts POR and safety guidance.

Ideally, you'd arrive on Friday 25th July 2025 - but get in touch if you can't make this; we can be flexible.
Ideally, you'd leave us on Sunday 3rd August 2025 - but you'd be able to leave earlier/later if needed, just drop us an email.
Your team
You'll be working as a part of the Safety and Security team, working under the Core Management Team.
As crew, you'll get...
  • Full catering while you're with us
  • Kernow Crew t-shirt and jamboree scarf
  • Evening entertainment
  • Activities programme
  • Access to our licensed on-site bar
  • Exclusive Kernow Crew Party
How much will it cost me?
Kernow Jamboree will cost £100 for Kernow Crew - that includes your catering and camping while you're with us.
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