Frequently Asked Questions

We haven’t really had many questions yet… but here are some we’ve thought of that you may find useful! We’ll update this page as we get questions through, so feel free to send them in!

Wow, you’re keen!

We’ll be opening bookings as soon as we’ve got everything in place to do so – so you may need to sit tight a little bit longer.

Make sure to follow our social media accounts so that you don’t miss anything!

The range of activities at Kernow 2025 will be determined by the number of participants we have.

As registration progresses and we have a clearer picture of our attendance numbers, we’ll be able to finalize and announce the activities.

So stay tuned for updates, and rest assured that Kernow 2025 will be an unforgettable experience for all!

Kernow 2025 is open to all UK and International Scouts, Guides, Explorers and Rangers aged between 10-17 years (at the time of the Jamboree).

18 or over? You can still join in the fun – look at joining our Kernow Crew for the week.

Yes! Stithians has proper, flushing toilets – but having said that, it’s not a jamboree without at least one Portaloo!

In 2022, we had a relatively mud-free camp – the hard-standing roads at Stithians worked their magic! With that being said, we did have lovely weather for the week, so it’s still best to bring a pair of wellies just in case!

Yes you can – they’ll need to be included in your unit numbers.